Memor X3 - The "Convert UPC-A to EAN" function is no longer available

In the latest version of the firmware for the Memor X3, 1.04.Pro[], the function “Convert UPC-A to EAN” is missing in “Reader Parameters” and then “UPC/EAN”.
Is there any workaround to get the function back?

Kind regards

Hello @Georg_E_Hickmann,

In order to give a more rational organisation to the configuration of the ScanEngine parameters, starting from FW v1.04 of Memor X3 some settings has been removed, changed or improved.
To obtain the same effect of the legacy “Convert UCP-A to EAN” setting, you can now set “UPC-A Preamble” to “SysChar+CountryCode”.

If that info is not enough, i suggest you to issue a request on the company’s tech support portal available here, one of our technicians will get in contact with you to solve the issue.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - SW Engineer