Memor10 p2p communication


I would like to know how to communicate between devices Memor10 - Memor10 directly.
example, p2p wifi direct…

Is there any exclusive solution of Memor10?

The devices have NFC? Not sure if that is what you are wanting as that requires a close proximity of 4 cm or so to use. Curious to know what you are wanting to use a P2P setup for, if you don’t mind me asking?

Yes, Memor10 have NFC.
One of my customer wants to save status of work Memor10, to change another Memor10 fast.

A. with low battery, User can save work status,
B. User can load from work status, and work with full battery charge.
C. Work fast and smoothly.
That is what customer wants to use.

Hi Chris,

if you want to integrate the p2p functionality directly in your app maybe these WiFi direct API may be what you are looking for.

Just out of curiosity, the use case you mentioned (low battery) is already covered by the battery swap feature that the Memor 10 implements. You can easily swap the battery of the device preserving all the working status (the device does not shut down). Is there a reason why you prefer to use another device instead of simply swapping the battery?