MEMOR10 - Scanner & Decoder - Wedge (commit text)

I would like to notify that option “Commit Text” on the Scanner & Decoder/Wedge has different behaviour from Android 8 to Android 10. We have updated our Memor10 devices from Android 8.1 to the ltest available firmware and our application works differently. Same application deployed through Appeon Mobile works fine on Android 8.1 but does not works in the same way on Android 10. We had same problem on Android 8 but Datalogic release a patch for it, in fact Datalogic added the “Commit Text” option for this very reason. Has anyone had the same problem and if so how did they solve it?


How is “Commit Text” behaving differently for you?
Are there steps needed to reproduce the behavior you are seeing?
What firmware version are you running specifically?

Drew Hugentobler
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support Engineer


"Commit Text” behaviour is different. On this application focus is set on logon. After the goos bar code read the app is configured to go set focus on the next field retrieving data from DB. Nothing happen. on Android 8.1 no issue.
OS Buid Number

this behavior does not permit us to upgrade all our Memor10 Devices to latest Android 10.