MEMOR20 Datalogic OEMConfig won't work Intune

Hello everyone,

We use around 60 Memor 20 at the moment, all sync through Microsoft intune.
Each of them got the Datalogic OEMConfig app install and pushed through app policies.

everything is displayed correctly and in green, but no settings can be found on the device.
For example, I have set the 24 hour format in OEMConfig, and the device always displays AM/PM.
Also other settings that I have tested such as screen rotation.

Nothing works :frowning:
where is the fault?

Best Regards

I have had some success with OEM config for setting regional settings, scanner settings and f/w upgrades.

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Have the exact same problem on my Memor10.

I have used this for about 2yeara without problem, until today.

It started out when I got a device that was missing all the settings (factory default in all the setting I have deployed). And then I got 8 more devices within one hour with the same problem.

Deploying settings from Intune trough OEMconfig. Everything is green in intune, but none of the setting can be found on the devices.