Missing options for Memor K in Scan2Deploy Studio

First error: KEYCODE_BARCODE missing
We have hundreds of memork devices and we want to remap some keys because we have a lot of scan buttons failing…

For example, If we made this changes on “datalogic settings” on android, we have an option to replace source button “down” with ramaped button “barcode”.

If we want to do this with scan2deploy we have the option to select source key, but “barcode” option is missing on “remaped key”… If you open the tar file and edit the profiles.json like this:
ORIGINAL: _______________________________________________________________
“KeyRemappingFrom”: {
“remapSourceScancode”: “VSCAN_DOWN”
“KeyRemappingTo”: {
“remapTargetType”: “KEYCODE”,
“remapTargetKeycode”: “KEYCODE_BACKSLASH”,
“remapTargetMetaState”: “NONE”

EDITED: __________________________________________________________________
“KeyRemappingFrom”: {
“remapSourceScancode”: “VSCAN_DOWN”
“KeyRemappingTo”: {
“remapTargetType”: “KEYCODE”,
“remapTargetKeycode”: “KEYCODE_BARCODE”,
“remapTargetMetaState”: “NONE”

It works fine, but this is very tedious…

Second error: BTN_MODE option missing
There is no option to add to remaped buttons the BTN_MODE also call K2 in scan2deploy studio. This doesn’t work even with manual edition.

Third error: proxy problems
there is a bug on proxy configuration where if you put a url like this: “proxy01.asd.es” it says “proxy host must be a url or ip” and settings cannot be saved.
proxy01.asd.es is not valid
proxy1.asd.es is valid
proxy0.asd.es is valid
proxy.asd.es is not valid
proxy001.asd.es is valid
proxy001343.asd.es is not valid
proxy00143.asd.es is valid

Fourth error: code128 L1 length
We have a problem where if we edit the option in symbology settings → barcode → code 128 → L1 length to 1 it doesn’t change at first time when the qr code is scanned. If we do a second scan of the qr code, then it changes.
So we format the memork, do the configuration with qr code and code128 l1 length is not changed but other options are made ( apps installed, scripts running, etc…) , and if we go to scan2deploy and read the code for a second time, it does the change to l1 length


I see this is your first post, welcome to the community!

Thank you for all this feedback, I will make sure to get it to the proper channels.

One thing I did want to point out before we jump into these issues.
The latest firmware for the Memor K, 1.02.09, did address an issue related to the main trigger button.
Occasionally it would double trigger, which can be perceived as a faulty button, but can corrected by updating the firmware.

Issue #1
It does look like keycode_barcode is missing from Scan2Deploy Studio, not sure how that happened but we will get that added.
You can set Scan2Deploy Studio to use beta and alpha branches from the notification tray, enabling that will be the quickest way to get this update once it is ready.

Issue #2
BTN_MODE does also look to be missing, this one is odd as we have it listed in our SDK but OEMConfig is rejecting it outright.
I will also create a ticket to get this corrected.
This is supported at the SDK level, so it is possible to write an app that would set these keyboard remaps
Here is more info: KeyboardManager - Datalogic SDK version 1 | Android Add-on
If you need additional support creating a custom app to adjust keyboard mapping, please create a support ticket: Technical Support - Datalogic

Issue #3
When I was testing these proxy settings, pasting the data a second time cleared the error.
I will create a ticket with that team, but as a work around, just paste the data twice to clear the error.

Issue #4
What version of Agent are you using?
As part of your Scan2Deploy Studio profile, can you set Agent and OEMConfig to update, and see if the problem persists, let me know.
I believe a newer version of Agent addressed an issue related to this, the latest version of Agent is 2.1.0.

Drew Hugentobler
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support Engineer

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Issue #1, #2
We will update the firmware with failings devices to see if this improves the behavior.
We will wait for the updates to missing buttons!

Also, Can you confirm me if the options from “Advanced Keyboard Settings” → “Multitap Delay” are expected to work with memor k devices?

Issue #3
This would work as a workaround.
Thank you.

Issue #4
We already had checked to be updated agent and oemconfig, but the agent is being updated to 2.0.4. Is there any option to force to scan2deploy studio to update to 2.1.0? which appears to be the latest agent update.
I have manual edited “com.datalogic.scan2deploy.apk” in tar with latest agent version (2.1.0) from github and now changes to “l1 length” of code 128 are working when the qr is scanned at first time.


The Memor K is a unique device in our lineup, it is not a full feature device.
Checkout this post for a little more clarity:

In short, no the Memor K does not support Advanced Keyboard settings.

As far as updating Agent, newer versions of Studio should correct this behavior.
Studio tries to keep profiles the same, so you get the same results on every device you apply it to.
You can try unchecking and rechecking the update box.

Drew Hugentobler
L3 Mobile Computer Support Specialist Engineer


Issue #1, #2
We don’t see an improvement with the firmware update… I think the SCAN button is too big for such a small rubber cap and if you press the button close to the borders, it will break sooner rather than later.

I have another issue to report, (and a workaround)
Issue #5
the option to add ntp server it’s not working in memork, scan2deploy shows a warning when this option is deployed and nevet gets time from ntp server, BUT if you do the same on scripts with SET_SETTING GLOBAL ntp_server ntp.company.es it will work fine.

Thank you for your time!