Multi Scan Usage

What is the usage for the multi scan feature with the SDK. I.e. If i get multiple calls to the Onread event for the IDecodeResult what tells me that “we aren’t done yet this is all part of the same read”?

Hello @Derek_Spurlock

The MultiScan feature of the ScanEngine is designed for situations where the tracking of an asset requires the contextual reading of two or more labels.
By enabling the MultiScan feature and setting it to a specific ‘labelCount’, the ScanEngine will hold the content of all read labels until exactly a number equal to ‘labelCount’ of labels are read. At that point a series of ReadListener.OnRead() events will be generated in rapid succession, one for each label that was read.

In the DecodeResult parameter returned by the OnRead() event, there is no information about the reading sequence in MultiScan mode. However, since Multiscan functionality itself guarantees that a “labelCount” number of labels will always be read, it should be possible to attribute the OnRead() events to each reading session simply by counting them.

The Multiscan / notifyOnEachLabel boolean property, instead, when set to true, simply activates an acoustic feedback for the user on each single reading, even if all the actual OnRead event will be notified to the application only at the session end.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer