Need help for Datalogic memor 1

Dear all,

I need help on Datalogic Memor 1,

I explain what I’m looking for:

I own a company that receives containers with hundreds / thousands of boxes each. Some are under customs control and I would like through my Memor 1 an app or something that when I scan the barcode (s) of the boxes under control it makes a different noise from the basic scan. For that I would first need to be able to load the list of boxes under control so that the sound only sounds for the targeted boxes.

Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to read my request. And for the future help provided.

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Hello Johan,

The default behavior of our scan engine is to automatically emit a good read “Beep” every time that a label is scanned. For customizing the reading feedback depending on a pre-loaded list of codes, you need to disable the Settings / ScannerSettings / GoodRead options (so that no sounds are automatically emitted), then write your own application to check the labels against a pre-loaded special items list, and finally to play a custom song on your selected items.

Your own application can receive the read codes in many ways. The most simple, enabled by default, is through a special “Keyboard Wedge” service, that inputs the content of the label through the keyboard service. You can configure it through Setting / ScannerSettings / Wedge.
Then it will be up to your application to play the right sound for the code.

If you need more control on the code you read, you can also disable the Keyboard Wedge service and program your app using one of our Datalogic SDK for Android Studio (link), Xamarin (link) or Cordova Platforms (link) (Ionic or PhoneGap, etc).

On the reference pages i linked above, you can also find several sample projects, that show how to retrieve a barcode using the SDKs. See:

It is a pretty classical application; we hope you do not find any difficult, but in case you need further support, you can write again on this forum looking for further suggestions or better we suggest you to open a ticket to our Technical Support Service at: .

If instead you do not want to write your own application, you may have a look in Google Play, which is rich of good applications, or Google for some good integrator that provides solutions for mobile monitoring of flows, deliveries, stock optimization, inventories and similar activities.