Scan Code - Custom

Hi We have Custom Scan Bar Codes for different Symbolizes.
We have the need to
(1) Remove Some digits to the Right .
Example - MSI - When Bar code is scanned, we see 553628. Where as what we need the scanner to send to APP is “55362” removing the “8” on the right. The Check digit alreday set Off. Still the scanner is sending full 6 digits , where as we need onlt first 5 digits.
2) Code 128 - Scanner Displays : 881279111222. Where as we need only 8812791. Needs to drop 11222. This 11222 is extra is coming with every Code 128 scan. We only need first 7 digits.

Hello Venkata_Sreepada
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The barcode scanner of all Datalogic Android devices has some formatting configurations, available through the Settings / System / Scanner Settings / Formatting menu, but they do not cover the specific request you made.
For cases like this, you can contact our technical support service and asking for a specific customization, by filling out the form available at and explaining to our technicians the detail of your request:

This module is English, but you can search for the same Datalogic Support page specific for your language. One of our technicians will follow your request in the best way.

Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist Engineer