Scan2Deploy Model/SKU/OS drop downs not working

The drop downs in scan2deploy are not working for me. No error displayed, I can see focus has moved to the one I am clicking on but no other visual change.

Hello @Ben_Woodcock

This is a pretty odd behavior. Scan"Deploy studio is based on a local ClientServer architeture, and it seems that for some reason the UI requests are not reaching the internal server to load those options, possibly caused by the upgrade or a network change while studio is running.

The possible solution could be to fully restart Scan2Deploy studio. Since the Studio server will still be running in the background if you simply use the close button in the application window, you should fully exit Scan2Deploy Studio through the task tray option.


Launching the application again will have caused the server to start fresh and should fix the problem.
If for some reason there is still a lingering process, they can try rebooting the device itself.

If this does not solves the issue, please create a technical support case on our website, and our loocal technicians will assist:

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer