Scan2Deploy problems with Memor 10

I have successfully created a profile for my memor 11 and that works as expected. the profile is a simple one to just install my application for now.
So i have created a similar profile for my memor 10 to install the same application, however it doesnt work.
when i scan the QR code usiing the Scan2Deploy app on the device it shows “setup Profie ” and “Pull Archive ” and then stops. i know from my memor 11 it should show more steps and end with “Finish”.
nothing gets installed on the memor 10 and i dont know what im doing wrong.

The memor 10 is on android 10, Build number SKU is ROW
The scan2deploy app is version 2.0.8
The scan2deploy windows application is version 2.0.0


Hello @David_Gates ,

I recommend updating Scan2Deploy Agent to the latest version 2.2.4.
That should resolve your issue, let me know if you still encounter issues after updating.

Drew Hugentobler
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support Engineer

Hi Drew.
thanks for the response. in the end i factory reset the device and that took the scan2deploy app back to an earler version (1.xx) and that worked.