Scorpio X3 sees every AP as seperate SSID


I’m having issues with a Scorpio X3 (Windows CE 6.0). Whenever I’m trying to establish a W-LAN connection to a SSID with several access points in our store, each access point is treated as its own SSID. Meaning the X3 doesn’t maintain a stable connection when moving around the store, but connects and reconnects to every AP. I’ve already sent it to Datalogic, but the problem remains. I’ve already imported the SCU settings from a working Scorpio X3, but the issue remains.
Does anyone have a tip for me, regarding this problem?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Johannes,

Have a look at the firmware version of the SkorpioX3. Is that different than the firmware from a working SkorpioX3? You can find the firmware version in the Control Panel > Device info.

Gr Peter

if this is the only SX3 unit that shows this misbehavior it really sounds as a specific unit issue.
We assume it has the same fw version and that it has been configured in the very same way of all the others working units starting from clean boot.

In case we would suggest to contact technical support at


sorry for the late response, but we were closed for a long time. The firmware on the device is an older version than on a working one.
The “broken” version is: Firmware, the working verion is:

So, how can I update it?

in that case you need image fw file for SX3 v2.10 and DFU tool for the update.
Please log a ticket to DL tech support for detailed info as regard.

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I would like, but I don’t seem to be able to even open a ticket about the X3. It only shows the X4, and even that won’t work, because whenever I click on it, the “Product group” becomes empty. I’m confused

please try to refer to the reseller where you did purchase your SX3 units.

The reseller told me to contact Datalogic support directly, since according to them “they can’t help me either”

Hello @Johannes_Trnka

In case you need a FW image for a Datalogic Mobile legacy device, you can find it in the Datalogic Extranet area, by clicking on the “Partner Login” link on the top left of the Datalogic Home page.

After filling the module for requesting the access (validation required), login into the area, follow the menu: Technical --> Software Download, then simply use the text searching tool by specifying “Skorpio X3 Firmware” and / or “DFU” for finding the latest releases.

Otherwise, if you encounter other problems, get in contact with our local technical support team, by filling the module at the link here , or eventually by searching for the same Datalogic Support page for your language. In “Product group” select “Mobile Computers”, then in “Product Model” select “Skorpio X4”, then specify in the Title filed that you are referring to the Legacy Skorpio X3 model and you need the latest FW and the required tool for loading it onto the device.
Possibly link also this discussion in the request. I hope this can help.

Simone Callegari
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support SW Engineer | Datalogic

I can’t seem to find the Scorpio X3 as a listed device:

Where are you precisely looking at?

In the Partner Login Area you can find Skorpio X3 in the “search by product” list view, or simply by making text search by keyword

Simone Callegari
L3 Mobile Computer Specialist Support SW Engineer | Datalogic