SDK for Memor K


The datasheet for the Memor K mentions that Java, Cordova and Xamarin SDK are available, but if I check the supported devices in Android SDK, there is no mention of the Memor K. Is it supported in the current versions of Android and Xamarin SDKs?

Frank van de Laar

Hello @Frank_van_de_Laar,

Today, Memor K is the most recent new entries in our Android product line. Our Datalogic Android SDK (see: supports our Andorid Devices, including Memor K.
The online documentation has not yet been updated, but will soon include all information related also to the Memor K.

In case of specific questions, you can contact one of our local consultant by filling out the form

Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer | Datalogic