Set display brightness programmatically


Is it possible, with your Android SDK, to set the display brightness?

Hello Alessandro,

Setting the display brightness is not currently supported by our Android SDK, so any solution to change the setting programmatically will need to prompt the user to grant the necessary permissions.

We do, however, support changing the setting within our configuration tools. This setting is available starting with v1.3.0 of our Scan2Deploy application (we always recommend using the latest if possible) and OEMConfig v1.6.0 (if using an EMM).

Bronson Mock
Software Engineer | Datalogic

Thanks @Bronson_Mock for your answer. It seems that brightness is available only in conjuction with oemconfig: is it correct? Or can I also create a JSON and execute it using DLSTAGER / SCAN2DEPLOY tools?

If I take a look to
I don’t see any

			"Display": {
				"screenBrightness": 78,
				"screenAdaptiveBrightness": false,
				"screenAutoRotate": false,
				"displayFontSize": "DEFAULT"

So, I think it’s not possible to create a json with this piece of code and execute it using DLSTAGER / SCAN2DEPLOY… or using


@Bronson_Mock is it possible to have a sample how to use Datalogic OEMConfig with Android DPC setApplicationRestrictions method?