Setup of the device Datalogic GD4200


I have handscanner Datalogic GD4200. Since long time I am struggling to setup scanner correctly.

I am trying to setup a Function Keys like using a keyboard left alt + c “ALT+C”

  1. Which setting must be used on scanner to execute that command?

Command “ALT+C” I would like to also used in input for barcode CODE 128 .

  1. For instance to code key “TAB” in barcode I will use «HT» and what combination for “ALT+C”?

Hi @Marcin_Skowronski ,

This forum is mainly meant to provide general information on Datalogic Mobile products , mainly Android and Windows CE devices.

For any questions on GD4200, please contact the nearest Datalogic branch or open a tech request via the company’s tech support portal available here

Best Regards

Donato Cataldo
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer


I appreciate the advice.

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