Skorpio x3 and x4: support wifi roaming protocols?


There is any support for 802.11 k, r, v WIFI roaming protocols in X3 and X4 PDA?
I have some problems with slowness of this PDA when we moved to newest wifi solutions and not sure about support of this parameters.

Thank you for your support

Hello @piotr_network ,

Skorpio X3 and Skorpio X4 were designed a few years ago, and do not support the latest FastRoaming protocols provided by 802.11.
On those device, while not supporting 802.11 k, r, v, support for Cisco CCX was introduced, which could be useful if your Network Infrastructure was also built on a Cisco basis.
Otherwise, if your infrastructure do not supports CCX, we suggest disabling CCX also on the device.

In general, the use of radios without 800.11 k, r, v support in new Wi-Fi infrastructures may result in sub-optimal performance if FastRoaming protocols are enabled at the network level.

In this case, the first suggestion is to disable fast roaming protocols at controller level so that they do not negatively affect radios that do not support them.

If this is not sufficient, you can open a technical support ticket at “Technical Support - Datalogic” to assess how best to optimize radio settings on the X4 terminal. (Skoprio X3 is obsolete and does not allow further optimization).

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products - L3 Specialist SW Engineer