Skorpio X4 wifi timeout

I have 3 devices Skorpio X3 and X4 running an application that request to a SQL and show the results ina formatted screens. Sometimes the answer from the server takes too much time, and the same request at other time is quick.
I think that there is any configuration on wifi `parameters that are not correctly setup and could be a problem about roaming between different APs. It seems that the device is still connected to a far AP while is it near other one.
There is a guide or setp by step to set up correctly the wifi applet on devices?

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Hello @Joan_Segu,

The performances of a WiFi network are influenced by a number of factors and unfortunately is difficult to give a universal recipe to set the WiFi at best for all the environments. However these are basic settings that have given good results in many occasions.

  1. Upgrade the device to the most recent FW release
    In your case, see Datalogic Skorpio X4 WEC 7.0 version 2.02 GA .
    For detailed FW upgrade instructions, see the Skorpio X4 with Windows Embedded Compact 7 User Manual (ENG)

  2. Roaming recommended settings:
    (FW version v2.00 or greater required!)
    – Increase Roaming RSSI threshold to -75/-80 dBm
    – Increase Background scan threshold to -70/-75 dbm

  3. Other Radio settings:
    – Disable Power Save mode
    – Enable only the specific channels in use (e.g. “1,6,11” for 2.4GHz, etc.)
    – Possibly keep DFS channels disabled for 5GHz
    – In case AP infrastructure wouldn’t be Cisco, disable CCX as well

If these settings are not enough, please contact the nearest Datalogic office or open a tech request via the company’s tech support portal available here.

Andrea Colliva, Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer