SKORPIO X4 - Win ce7 - does not let download via brownser files (exe) files and does not let download

We buy a new Datalogic Skorpio x4 model with win7-ce.
In the model we have the most I reach skorpio x3 we don’t have this problem

We download file (exe) from our intranet, and with this file we run it on skorpio and it makes a connection with our server to download files from an application are downloaded directly to the collector, but apparently OS Win-ce 7, is blocking these files from the application.

I changed various internet permissions etc. but without success.
can anybody help me?


Hi Luciano,

This is not a bug but a security feature coming from Microsoft. Unfortunately I was never been able to disable this security feature on CE7.

Maybe you can rename the files before downloading. Or zip them and download.

Gr Peter

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