Skorpio X5, Andoid 11,Xamarin app, Gboard update create bug on Enter press

i’m a Xamarin developer.
I’m developing an App that use the physical keyboard of Skorpio X5, Android 11.
After an update of Gboard(google keyboard an October update) in my app every time that i press Enter, the command runing twice.
Normally i have more Entries in sequence. With the focus on the first Entry, on Enter press, the focus gose to the next Entry, the second Entry and stops on it. After the GBoard’s Update the focus gose from first Entry to the second and to the third Entry. Seems like i’m pressing twice the Enter button.
After disinstall this updates the bug is gone.
Have some idea why is this happend?

Hello @Andrea_Silvestrini,

It is a strange behavior. Physical keyboard and G-Board should not interact with each other.

I made some test with a Skorpio X5 (with firmware v3.24) and GBoard (version 13.5.04, the latest that GPlay installed on my device).
For testing I used this webpage: Keyboard Event Viewer
It shows all the Keyboard event coming from the input system when you press a key.
In the first test, i opend G-Board, i set the focus on the text-box, then I pressed the G-Board Enter button only.

In a second test, I cleared the table, I kept G-Board open, but that time I pressed the right enter on the Skorpio X5 physical keyboard

Then i repeated the test a third time, by keeping G-Board closed and pressing the Physical right Enter key.
In all of the three tests I always saw the same result. The Keyboard events are apparently always the same.

I have a few questions to ask:
What versions of FW and GBoard are you running on your devices?
Could you please reproduce my steps to investigate to see if there is anything different?
Do you know which events your application monitors when you press enter?
Did you made a test after rebooting the device?

Simone Callegari
Mobile Products L3 Specialist - SW Engineer | Datalogic