Skorpio X5 onto a new network

We currently have a good 40+ X5’s that are needing to be moved to a new WIFI network, I have setup a S2D QR code for the new network connection but for some reason this imports and shows as the new WIFI option but it isn’t able to connect “failed to connect” and has to be removed and readded manually for it to work. if I reset the device then use the code works perfectly but once the device configuration profile is on the X5 then the QR code doesn’t import correctly for some reason. I’m guessing something preventing this from running properly once the profile has been onboarded if it works on a fresh device. Is there options that are preventing this, is this unable to be achieved by this method or are there any other methods to achieve this without having to do a manual intervention for each device or resetting them to a fresh state

Hi Conor,

Do you have the ‘Remove saved network’ enabled when you create a Scan2Deploy Wifi barcode? This option may or may not work depends on how the installed wi-fi network was created in the first place.

Also updating the Scan2Deploy client on your SkorpioX5 might help.

P.s. Have you tried if connecting to a wifi network work when you create a barcode trough this website: Datalogic Wi-Fi QR Code Generator

Gr Peter

Hi Peter

With this deployment options we are using the remove saved networks , these were added by a previous Scan2Deploy setup. The problem with your link is we are trying to get the X5 on their own enterprise Wi-Fi identity and password thus would need WPA/WPA3/WPA3 enterprise option. E.g Encryption: WPA/WPA3/WPA3 enterprise, SSID: GUNWIFI, Method: PEAP, Phase2:MSCHAPV2, CA certificate: Do not Validate, Identity:Gun1, Password: Gun1
When applying this after applying the OEM config setting via scan2deploy wont correctly apply, if I reset the device apply this “e.g” config first then it works straight away


Hi Stephen,

Very strange. Personally I would recommend to update the firmware of the SX5 if the update of the Scan2Deploy client does not help.

In any case if the problem persist please open a support case on our website to better address this issue:

Gr Peter

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