Start an application from remote including datalogic.api

I’m trying to lunch an application from remote, stored in a server folder.
With applications that not need APIs I have no iessues but if the application needs datalogic.api framework I recived an error (file or assembly name 'Datalogi.api version=2.0.7055.17579… or one of its dependencies, was not found.)
I even tryied to put the file on device with no luck.
There is a way to make it works?
Thank you very much.

Buongiorno @Massimiliano_Montana ,

The error you reported is typically generated in two situations.
The first is when you try to use a library on a target device other than the one for which the library was designed to, so the library cannot find the low-level components it needs.
The second scenario is when the application has not been correctly installed together with the library itself.

Generally, on our devices this second scenario is the most frequent.
However the fact that you have installed the executable and the dll the same DL directory and you still encounter the error, makes me think that you could be using the wrong SDK for your devices.

Most of our Windows CE-based devices (Skorpio, Falcon, Lynx, Joya) require our standard Datalogic SDK (described here and available here, which is same you already used for your tests.

However, only for Memor X3 devices, you need a specific M3 SDK, available starting from the MemorX3 product page and following the sections “Download” -> “Development” -> “Memor_X3” (direct link:

You did not specify which device you used for your test, so i can’t be sure this will solve, but let us know if this is the issue.

Any how, if you need more specific support, please contact our Technical Support service, at:

Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer | Datalogic