Static IP On boot

Hello everyone,

We use lot of Memor 10 (around 300 ) , all of them connected to Soti Mobicontrol

Lately, we will also release some in Storehouse, wich got a totally different network configuration.

For those, i’ll need to force a static IP.

Is there a way to force it directly on boot? that way i’m still sure even if desync occur, it will try to reconnect with the correct settings after a reboot ?

Could be directly on the device, or through a profile pushed to device.

I’m open to any suggestion.


Hello @Steeve_Piette,

Datalogic Scan2Deploy (see Scan2Deploy Studio | Technical Documentation) is the tool for configuring all the Datalogic Mobile devices based on Android.
In the first tab you can configure one or more Wi-Fi networks that the device can connect to, either during staging, after staging, or both.
In the same panel you can also configure the device to connect a WiFi network with a specific Static IP Address.

However, if the scenario and needs are more complex, we suggest that you get in touch with the Datalogic Technical Support Team by filling out this form .
Our technicians will be able to better follow up on your request.

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Hello @Simone_Callegari

Thanks for that fast answer.

I’ll git it a try as soon as possible.

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