TN: Skorpio X5 Permissions for MDM Agents

Both Skorpio X5 firmware 2.07.042 and 2.08.050 versions embed a flawed Google ManagedProvision app not setting the flag needed to whitelist device policy controller (DPC) applications such as an MDM agent.

The results is that it will not be possible to apply a firmware update or a configuration file, or any other configuration that will require to download a file first (APK installs is excluded) through MDM.

A specific patch to fix this issue is available for all customers using MDM to deploy/configure Skorpio X5 (whitelistingpatcher-v1_0_0-release.apk) with previous mentioned firmware versions.
Refer to whitelistingpatcher for downloading the patch and related technical note.

Please note that starting from next version 2.09 the Skorpio X5 firmware will embed updated ManagedProvision app version so that it will not be necessary to apply this patch anymore.

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