TouchManager().lockInput(true) not working on MemorK / SDK 1.22

On application start, I execute:

val tm = TouchManager() 
val b1 = tm.lockInput(true) 
val b2 = tm.isInputLocked
 Toast.makeText(this, "tm.lockInput(true) == $b1\ntm.isInputLocked == $b2", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show() 

The message says

tm.lockInput(true) == 0
tm.isInputLocked == true

where 0 means DeviceException.SUCCESS.
However, the touch screen is not locked and still accepts touches.

Hello @Andrew_Usachov,

Datalogic MemorK is an entry level device where not all namespaces in SDK 1.22 are fully supported, and in this case the TouchManager class is one of those not supported.

The following table gives a high level overview of the main packages implemented:

namespaces support notes
com.datalogic.decode supported
com.datalogic.decode.configuration supported
com.datalogic.device supported
com.datalogic.device.battery partially supported No charging profiles.
com.datalogic.device.configuration supported
com.datalogic.device.display NOT supported supported
com.datalogic.device.input partially supported Only keyboard Remapping feature.
No AutoScanTrigger, no MotionTrigger,
No AdvancedKeyboard, no TouchManager,
No Keyboard Locking feature.
com.datalogic.device.location NOT supported
com.datalogic.device.nfc supported
com.datalogic.device.notificatoins supported
com.datalogic.device.power supported
com.datalogic.device.softspot supported
com.datalogic.cradle NOT supported

Unfortunately on Memor K there is no SDK methods for disabling the touch screen.

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer

If I upgrade to SDK version 1.26, will it work?

According to this page, SDK version 1.26 for Memor K comes with firmware version 1.02.09 (2022-07-27).

But I am unable to install firmwares downloaded from this page. I have tried:
Memor K Android 9 1.01.08-1.02.09_INCR
Memor K Android 9 v1.02.09_FULL
Memor K Android 9 v1.01.08_FULL
I download the zip file to the device, restart the device, run Settings → Datalogic Settings → System Update → Local upgrade and tap the zip file. I am being returned to the Local upgrade screen immediately and nothing else happens, at least in 10 minutes. If I tap Local upgrade and select the zip file again, I get a message: System upgrade keeps stopping. (i) App info X Close app.


The v1.02.09 FW update should be able to be installed without hitches on previous FWs, e.g. 1.00 or 1.01.
To deep investigate the blockage, the system logcats should be analysed for errors, but before doing that, resetting the device to factory defaults (menu Setting / System / Advanced / Reset Options / Erase all data (factory reset)) and retrying could be sufficient.
As suggestion we would recommend to download the FW again to grant that the file is not corrupted, to copy the .zip file on the device root folder or under download, open the Settings → Datalogic Settings → System Update → Local upgrade menu and then tap the zip file again.

If this does not resolve the issue, we recommend that you create a technical support case on our website so that one of our local technicians can assist you with troubleshooting:

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - L3 SW Engineer

You have not answered this question.

Factory reset did not help.
I have contacted your support.
The ticket number is CS-1389628-Q3Z1L7

Not, It will not work. Unfortunately, Memor K does not support the Touchmanager classe and the methods to disable the touch screen.