Update custom APK when deploying with Scan2Deploy

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I’m deploying a custom APK to our Skorpio X5 devices using the Scan2Deploy app. I’ve added the APK file to the install tab on Scan2Deploy. Is there a way to set it up so that the custom APK gets updated if it is already installed on the device. Currently it will keep the old version. The user first has to manually uninstall the app and then run the deployment so that the APK is installed again.


Hello @Louis_Weideman,

Currently, Scan2Deploy does support updating 3rd party apps.
We defer to android for application installation, uninstallation and updating.
The first thing that comes to mind is that the APK’s version number for you custom app has not been changed.
The first thing to do would be to double check you have increased your APK’s version number.
If you have done that and are still having issues, Scan2Deploy agent should list any error on the screen during installation and that could help diagnose the issue.

If that does not resolve your issue, Scan2Deploy does support scripts they can be very powerful.
You can use scripts to uninstall any app, and you can set a script to run after the profile has been applied.
So you could set up two profiles, one that uninstalls the app and another to install it.
The profile that uninstalls the app, could be set to launch the other Scan2Deploy profile to install the updated version.

Here is the page that discusses both scripts and launching Scan2Deploy profiles as intents.

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