Use IFrameCaptureListener

I’ve updated SDK to 1.22.4648, and tried to implement in the decodelistener sample:

I have extended the class:
public class MainActivity : Activity, IReadListener, IFrameCaptureListener

and added the listener:

and implemented:
void IFrameCaptureListener.OnFrameCapture(CapturedFrame p0)
var height = p0.Height;

but I receive this error on startup on “decoder.AddFrameCaptureListener(this)”:
Java.Lang.NoSuchMethodError Message=no non-static method “Lcom/datalogic/decode/BarcodeManager;.addFrameCaptureListener(Lcom/datalogic/decode/FrameCaptureListener;)I”

Any information on what’s wrong?

Hi Mattia,

on which device and with which firmware are you testing?

Thank you

Hi ,

I have exactly the same error. I am testing it on the Memor 20. Compiling of the project is possible but the error starts when I start up the program in debugging mode on the device.

Does anyone have information/update about this behaviour?

Hi @Christian_Arlt,

I can suggest to update the device to the latest firmware.
The support for “Frame Capture” was released starting from SDK version 22, please check that on your device at least the version 22 is installed.
For M20 in the latest firmware versions, you can check the version of SDK in Settings/Datalogic Settings/Device Info/Datalogic SDK.

if you continue to have difficulties please open a ticket by filling the module at this link (english version) we will give you support.

Thank you