Using 1D/2D scanner for the SCO gate

Dear All. I am trying to use the Bar Code scanner for SCO gate. Please can any one recommend the model and procedure for SCO.

Hello @Noor_Ul_Mushtaq

This forum is mainly meant to provide general information on Datalogic Mobile products , mainly Android and Windows CE devices.

Depending on the specific task you need to automate in your process, we can suggest different products, from the small, high-performance Magellan 1500i presentation scanner to the high-end Magellan 9800i bi-optical flatbed imager.

To better asses your request and give you the best information, I would recommend creating a support ticket to directly speak with a local member of our support team for the FRS (Fixed Retail Scanners) products.

When you fill the module, remember to indicate “Fixed Retail Scanners” in the proper field.

Open a ticket to Datalogic FRS Tech Support

You can create a support ticket here:

Simone Callegari
Mobile Computer Specialist Support L3 Engineer | Datalogic