Wifi Set or Add configuration

I need some help. Im using the SDK with Skorpio X3 and i want to set wifi configuration by code.

In the help manual, there is an example but when I executed the code into my Visual Studio 2008, I have an error

Can’t find Pinvoke DLL ‘WifiApi.dll’

I have only one file… Datalogic.Api.dll

for exemple, this line cause the exception mentioned above:

String active = Wifi.GetActiveConfig();

I need some help
Thank you

According to our public Windows CE SDK - API documentation, the Datalogic .NET SDK WiFi Class (see link for more detail) is only supported by Skorpio X4, Falcon X4 devices.

Skorpio X3 and Falcon X3+ devices based on Window CE 6.0 does not support WiFi configuration through code.

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thank you for your very precise answer.

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