Disable Keyboard SCAN Button on Memor K


I just got a brand new Memor K, Android 9, build and wanted to disable SCAN button (the big orange one at the keyboard). I used the mapping to acheive it.
Reading another post I do see that SDK is compatible for Memor K.
For left & right scan keys there is no problem but I can’t find the way for the SCAN at the keyboard. I tried the following to map:

(new KeyboardManager()).mapKeyCode(new VScanEntry(KeyboardManager.VScanCode.VSCAN_AUTOSCAN_TRIGGER), new KeyCodeEntry(KeyEvent.KEYCODE_UNKNOWN));

and also:

(new KeyboardManager()).mapKeyCode(new VScanEntry(KeyboardManager.VScanCode.VSCAN_FRONT_TRIGGER), new KeyCodeEntry(KeyEvent.KEYCODE_UNKNOWN));


If a try to see the triggers of the device as shown here:

KeyboardManager keyManager = new KeyboardManager();
for (Trigger trigger : keyManager.getAvailableTriggers()) {
    boolean result =  trigger.setEnabled(false);
        //operation done
       //do something in case of failure

I only see triggers for Left, Right keys and Pistol.

How can I disable the keyboard orange SCAN key on this device programmatically? It seems that is straight connected to the scan engine)

Thanks in advance for your help !

Hello @Julian_Santa-Olaya_R

On Memor K there’s a defect so that the SCAN button is identified only by the name as “Front Trigger”:

      //for Memor K ONLY!! 
      if (trigger.getName() == "Front Trigger") {    
         //do something

However, due to this limitaton, on Memor K the best way to disable the Scan Engine is to disable the system’s Wedges (Keyboard Wedge, Intnet Wedge and Web Wedge) and disable all the eventually active Listeners on the decoder, as described as Method 1 by the post “How to enable/disable the Scan Engine through Android Studio SDK

Simone Callegari
Datalogic Mobile Products Specialist - SW Engineer