Falcon x3 / Falcon x3+ firmware update

i have few Falcon x3 and x3+ on windows mobile 6.5
Devices looks like have problems with firmware.
Where i can find lastest firmware + software to install it, as on datalogic website only falcon x4 (android) ?
Many thanks for help.

Hello @Tomasz_Wozniak,

Datalogic Skorpio X3 today is a discontinued product and his FW is not publicly available anymore. However, if you are a Datalogic Partner, you can still download it from the Datalogic Corporate Extranet reserved website.

In all the other cases, you should get in contact with your official reseller or sales partner, or in the second instance open a request to Datalogic Technical Support team.

For more information see also : Firmware downloads for obsolete Datalogic Mobile devices.

Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer | Datalogic