Skropio X3 Firmware

I’m sorry but i cant find the Firmware for a Skorpio x3.
Not even here where it supposed to be
i need some help.

Hi @Paskal_Cielenga ,

please see the discussion Upgrade Firmware Skorpio X3.

if you still need help, I suggest you to open a support request at , where one of our technicians can help you.

Hello @Paskal_Cielenga
look also at the post: “Upgrade Firmware Skorpio X3 - #12 by Simone_Callegari

The resulting page return all the available firmware download for Skorpio X3.


There are no any firmware for Skorpio X3 on Datalogic site for now.
Is there possible to get it (v.2.30) some way?


Where can we get the firmware?

The download section of the Datalogic Corporate Extranet website available at is reserved to direct Datalogic customers only.
After the registration, you are enabled to a basic access that shows some public link and some documentation. In a second step, the website will recognize if your registration email is associated with an order and will give you full access to all sections of the site. Usually this happnes in a few day.

If instead you are not a direct Datalogic customer, your credentials will continue to give you access to a basic account. To obtain the obsolete devices’ firmware we suggest to get in contact the dealer or authorized partner from whom you purchased the devices.

See also: Firmware downloads for obsolete Datalogic Mobile devices

Simone Callegari
L3 - Mobile Products Specialist SW Engineer | Datalogic