Valid serial for demo memor10

I wish to update the firmware on a memor10 P/N 944350001.

Problem is the S/N is not accepted by the download page of the developer website.

Please may I have advice.

The firmware update for Andriod Datalogic devices with GMS support requires a valid Shield Service Contract .

For more information on the Datalogic Shield program, please visit:

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to update a Memor 10 with Shield firmware: download PDF here.

Note that the Shield program has a grace period allowing “free” downloads for 90 days from the device ship date (could be ship date to distributor or reseller).
This date is the same as warranty start date as can be found using the warranty lookup tool we have on our extranet:

If instead your device is a demo unit, please contact your business partner or our local sales contact for a replacement.

Simone Callegari
Mobile Computer Specialist Support L3 Engineer | Datalogic

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